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My practice concept

Internal medicine and primary care in one Hand


For more than 20 years I have been practicing the synthesis of GP and specialist internal medicine competence.

Via vaccinations, treatment of infections, certificates, I care for patients as well as interdisciplinary patients with complicated or unclear clinical pictures.


What is important to me is continuous care with the collection of the relevant findings in order to always keep track of the medical status.

I guarantee a good time management to deal intensively with the problems of my patients. I don't practice a 15-minute medicine.

It is also important to me that alternative healing methods such as homeopathy, plant therapy, acupuncture etc. are integrated into the treatment concept.


In addition to a thorough physical examination, I have the most modern equipment and laboratory tests at my disposal (see in the menu Specialties : Internal Medicine).


Furthermore, I have been networked for years with competent colleagues, practices and clinics for the corresponding clinical pictures also of other specialties, so that I can promptly organise the optimal contact Point for my patients (such as magnetic resonance imaging, CT, endoscopy, etc. ). We collaborate with a nearby radiologic practice which does full body MRI in only 45 minutes (the latest in technology: Siemens Symphony).


My focus is:


  1.   Check-up examinations / general screening / cancer Screening

  2.  Clarification and therapy of :

  • Gastrointestinal disorders

  • liver/biliary diseases

  • Disorders of the pancreas function / pancreastumors

  • metabolic disorders, e. g. diabetes mellitus, gout

  • Endocrine disorders, e. g. thyroid diseases

  • kidney/bladder diseases

  • Cardiovascular diseases/hypertension

  • Infectious diseases, Lyme disease etc.

  • obesity or unclear weight lossTumor/focus search

  3.  Nutritional advice / lifestyle modification advice

  4.  Travel medicine / Travel advice / Vaccinations

       pain therapy / acupuncture



Curriculum vitae:


  • 1962 born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • 1981-1987 Studied at the University of Mainz

  • 1988 doctorate cum laude

  • 1988 American State Examination

  • 1990-1996 Specialist training in internal medicine at the St. Markus Hospital/ Frankfurt

  • 1999 Graduate acupuncturist of the Association for Acupuncture, Natural Medicine and Pain Therapy (FANS).

  • 2006 Diploma in Travel Medicine (CRM)

  • 1997-2012 Internal practice at Schweizer Platz, Frankfurt, Germany

  • 2013-2015 Practice in the „Vitalicum", specialist centre at Opernplatz, Frankfurt

  • Nov. 2015 Admission Facharzt Centrum Frankfurt City




  • Specialist in internal medicine

  • Doctorate in kidney and hypertension

  • Additional qualification in travel medicine/vaccination counselling

  • Certified acupuncturist of the DÄGFA

  • Specialized in diagnostic clarification of „unclear or rare cases"; due to broad medical Knowledge

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