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Dr. med. Irene Hufnagel


Kardiologie / Flugmedizin

Aeromedical examinations:

  • JAR-FCL class I, II, III    

  • FAA Medicals Class I, II, III

    Cardiological examinations:

    • Colour-Doppler echocardiography

    • Dynanometer stress test

    • Long-term ECG monitoring

    • Long-term blood pressure monitoring

    • Laboratory checks

    • Travel medicine examinations

    • Vaccinations

    • Diving fitness examinations

    • Duplex sonography of brain-supplying vessels

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  • Medical studies in Louvain, Belgium and Frankfurt am Main

  • Specialist medical training at city hospital Offenbach

  • First senior physician in the cardiology of Markuskrankenhaus Frankfurt am Main

  • Travel- and Tourism-medicine

  • Established doctor since 1993 in Oestrich Winkel (Rheingau) as  internist with focus on cardiology

  • Private specialist praxis in Frankfurt am Main since 2008

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